Friday, June 25, 2010

T-2 Days


We had an interesting doctor appt this morning, our last scheduled one before our due date on the 27th. I've heard that first babies are typically late but the doctor and nurses were making it seem like it was amazing that I've gone as long as I have.

"Wow, you're still going?"
"Do we need to have a talk?"
"She's got a hold of your hip bones with both hands and is holding on for dear life!"

I got my exam and have progressed to 3cm dilated, up from 2cm the week before, up from 1 cm the week before that, so at least I know things are moving in the right direction. I have a "favorable cervix", go me! My doctor asked what I wanted to do at this point, and when I told her I didn't really understand the question, she explained she meant did I want to go straight for an induction. (To which I'm thinking, aren't I still technically 2 DAYS EARLY??) I declined again to do anything today and to instead see how it goes over the weekend. She did say that she does not recommend going past a week since it can start to get unsafe, meaning a bigger baby and great chance of needing a C-section. Another interesting bit of info is that both she and the other doctor I've been seeing are going to be out of town next weekend for the 4th of July so that pretty much means that if this kid doesn't start the great journey toward the light on her own we'll be inducing by next Friday, July 2. Steve and I then shared an "OFMG this just got all kinds of real" moment.

I made an appointment for next Monday to have a non-stress test performed which is where they'll monitor contractions and the baby's heart rate to see how well she handles the squishing. From there, who know? My doc said feel free to call any time this weekend and say "I'm done! I've had enough! Let's get this kid out!". I'm not really feeling that way though, and it seems too strange to just walk in and say "Ok I'd like to give birth now." I'm going to at least wait things out a few more days and then reevaluate on Monday. So there internet, you are all caught up.

What else has been going on? Let me bulletize:
  • I had my last day of work!! I'm going to miss everyone but honestly this leave came at the best possible moment. I won't go into the gory details, suffice it to say that my extended maternity leave should in some small way help the program budget woes.
  • I feel like I'm in school again and I just started summer vacation. What confuses me is that everyone else has to go back in on Monday. How lame is that?
  • It's like walking on the flipping surface of the sun these days. But it's a dry heat, right?
  • Before the thermostat got cranked up to a billion degrees we had a rockin' storm that spawned egg sized hail and multiple funnel clouds over Denver. Not for the Fergs, though, we got some pretty pictures and a bunch of wind. Darned North Denver gets all the fun.

  • I'm practically healthy again! I can breathe thru my nose!! This is tres exciting, folks. It almost makes me feel like nesting...but I'll leave that to the pros:

  • Steve and I went on a 4 mile walk this afternoon to help things out if at all possible. I was also directed to order the spicy sauce with my lunch, so you can't say I ain't trying. Until then we wait. And maybe turn on the AC, because dear god people it's hot out there.


At 10:52 AM, Blogger Kara said...

Tell the girls at Horizon Women's Care to chill out a bit -- at least wait till post due date to hassle you :) How crazy that by the 4th there will be a new baby Ferg? I'm glad you are healthy and for God sakes crank up the AC, it's freakin hot!


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