Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hot Tub Time Machine

It's like Holly woke up one morning and realized, "OMG. There's stuff you guys! Stuff everywhere! I want to look at all the stuff rightnowontheceilingbehindmeIdon't haveenougheeeeyes!". Her day to day development is so fascinating to watch. It seems like just yesterday she was a bobble-head and now she's sitting up on her own and bending over to pick up toys off the ground. I know all kids progress at their own pace and you're not supposed to take the month-to-month development books very seriously, but still it's fun to go down the list of "should/may be able to's" and check things off. Yes, she's passing toys from hand to hand! She's raking for objects with her fingers! And check this out: until this morning she had very minimal interested in putting weight on her feet. That was, until our neighbor dropped off their out-grown bouncy chair thing. Some kind of light bulb went off in that cute little head of hers when she realized that bouncing is its own reward.

To add to the fun, since yesterday was such a nice, crisp calm day we decided to take advantage of a little family hot tub time. We've done this once or twice before but Holly was too young (floppy) to appreciate the awesomeness. Geared with splashy arms and kicky feet this time around we had a much better adventure.

Practicing for apres ski

She was tentative at first but really started to enjoy the feeling of buoyancy and the water moving against her skin.

We decided to have some fun with the recent grabby-grabby-shove-in-my-mouth obsession too.

Every day keeps getting better and better with our little monkey child. Pray for snow so we can all go sledding!



At 11:18 AM, Anonymous Hot tubs and spas said...

That's a great post! Your baby is so cute. Hot tubs are really great for family time and bonding. Glad to see you're able to enjoy it that much more with the splashing baby arms and legs. :)

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Kara said...

I love it! I love all of the kicking, grabbing and general chubbiness :)


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