Sunday, June 19, 2005

So, do anything fun this weekend?

Since the Monday office routine dictates that one shares one's weekend experiences, I thought I would make a forum to do precisely that. I personally don't have any exciting adventures to tell of, but here's my story all the same.

I went with Steve and friends Brian and Kara to go see Batman Begins. It was a lot of fun and everyone liked it. Definitely the best Batman so far. However, I agree with Russell. Katie Holmes bugs. Go see her in Pieces of April instead.

Saturday was one of those days where you sit at home and think to yourself "I should really get up. I should do something. I'm too young to spend the rest of today waiting for it to be tomorrow!" Steve and I got up late and eventually headed down to the farmer's market in Santa Monica to get some veggies for dinner. There was a crazy lady literally freaking out over a slug on a piece of lettuce. Seriously! If slugs give you the shakes, get your ass out of the organic market and head to Albertsons. When we got home I finished reading the Pulitzer Prize winning Middlesex: A Novel by Jeffery Eugenides, which has absolutely consumed me for the past two weeks. I highly recommend this book. Later still I washed my little Prius and then performed a similar service for the front windows of the house. And then I had to stop because for pete's sake who the hell washes windows on a beautiful Saturday afternoon? Instead Steve and I took the dogs to the Dog Park in El Segundo, and then I made dinner: Summer Steak Salad with Ginger-Lime Dressing. I give it a 'B+'.

Ah Sunday, when we throw ourselves upon the alter of the Ultimate Frisbee Gods. Today we had four on four with a sub and no one was injured. A record! For a non-contact sport, we seem to have a high incidence of people breaking themselves. After loosing the first game and winning the next two, Steve and I headed home and prepared for an impromptu BBQ. Nothing like expecting company to make you finally clean up your crap (like you've been meaning to for weeks). For dinner we made those delightful burgers with the hidden pockets of cheese and bacon in the middle. Whoever thought of that is a genius. Nick also made grilled peaches a la mode with a butter-rum sauce for dessert. Mmmmmmmm. The seven of us discussed everything from acupuncture to long-lost Austrian girl-friends, but as it was a school-night, the party ended sooner rather than later. And that's what I did this weekend.


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Russell said...

Thought it would be interesting to compare our weekends:

Sounds like your Friday is one that I can relate with: go see a movie (an action one, and not some indie flick).

Saturday is very much an opposite day from mine. Spending the day preparing for a dinner for two is way out of my league (let alone the reading a book part).

Sunday is interesting: similar BBQ experiences, but I don't play disc/frisbee and I'm sure the evening discussions were at a higher level of complexity that I am used to.


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