Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Yes yes, I know, it's December 13th but better late than never. Here are some photos from my Halloween party! The theme was "Things from Childhood" and everyone came up with some fantastic costumes.

Kara and Brian came as Country Club Ken and Barbie, with little Bean along for the ride. Poor kid doesn't know what she's getting into!
Country Club Barbie (Kara and Bean)

I hate when that happens.
I hate when that happens

Here's my Rainbow Brite costume that I slaved over for many days (and many glue sticks). I think I had the best moon boots at the party!
Rainbow Brite!

Nick resurrected a classic with his Karate Kid costume.
Karate Kid

Ken and Barbie share the couch with everyone's favorite Garbage Pail Kid...Cleavin' Stephen!

I don't think anyone saw this coming.
She's got the same dress as me!

Jeff had the creepiest costume by far. Too bad I can't remember the name of the obscure comic book character. Oh well, just stay tuned for the upcoming movie from Sony Pictures!

And nothing like a little Grandpa's Game to polish off an outstanding evening.
Post-party grandpa's game


At 1:53 PM, Blogger CK said...

You throw the awesomest parties and you had the awesomest costume! Wow, awesome.

At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Danielle said...

How did you make the rainbow brite boots?! I'm sewing a costume for Halloween and I need help!

At 9:25 PM, Blogger Ferg said...

I bought some fake Uug boots at Goodwill and some bright colored T-shirts to scavenge the cloth. Then I hot glued the fabric to the boots and stuffed them with a polyester stuffing (you can get it at craft stores). Hot glue is way better than sewing, especially for a one-time costume!


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