Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Recently I was reading an article in Wired Magazine about Crowd Accelerated Innovation, written by the curator of the TED. It was a very interesting article, but what the heck were these TED videos? I googled it and found their website at and...have you heard of this? It's awesome! Short lectures on "ideas worth spreading", and this runs the gambit from Technology to Entertainment to Development (TED). Ok, so it's been around since the 80's and I'm just getting on board, but still, I watched 3 videos and I was hooked.

Then my arch nemesis website had to go and ruin everything.

No no, not my arch nemesis. It's something that entertains me to no end but also cuts me deep every time I read it. That's right, I'm talking about Stuff White People Like. It's like this damned blog follows me around, taking notes on my life, and then proceeds to satirize my very existence in front of God and everyone. Yes! I like camping! I drive a Prius! I want to learn a foreign language! I like picking my own fruit! And, so help me, I like the TED Conference.

"...Due to the broad audience watching the talks, TED speakers generally take very complex ideas and boil them down into a simple engaging presentation. So when a white person finds out that you have a PhD and visits and attempts to engage you in a conversation about String Theory, you should know that all of their understanding comes from a twenty-minute talk they listened to while running on a treadmill..."

I wasn't on a treadmill. But still.


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