Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here we go


Two Ambien pills later and all the sudden it's almost 7 am. Karen was able to sleep for a good 4 hours last night. Even got rolled over and didn't notice a thing. During that time the contractions slowed down some, but a little Pitocin goes a long way.

When we arrived last night, the ER desk asked if Karen's water had broken. I asked if they wanted me to get the soaked towel out of the car. While filling out papers another woman arrived and said "my water broke." I guess it's contagious after all.

Once we were wheeled up to the delivery floor our nurse informed us that they would be switching the computer monitoring system this morning. So we get hand checks every 15-20 minutes. At least they are bringing in more nurses and delayed all the scheduled inducements for today.

Status: haven't checked since we originally arrived, but one very ruptured sac, one strong baby heart beat, one somewhat rested Momma, and about 11 hours down. Contractions are back to every ~ 3-4 minutes.


At 6:32 AM, Blogger Kara said...

Hang in there Mama! Steve, I hope you are rubbing her feet, performing your duties as ice chip wench and doing all sorts of doting.

At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Karen got some sleep and am sure Steve's making an excellent serving wench.

-Amanda I.

At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there Mom and Pop Ferg! Can't wait to meet her!

-Sarah H.


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