Thursday, July 07, 2011

My baby girl is one year old!

Happy birthday, my little monkey! This year has gone so fast but at the same time it seems so long ago when you were a floppy newborn. You are 13-lb heavier and almost 9" taller and your noggin has got to be 5x bigger! How is it that 12 month clothes don't fit you anymore because I can't get them over your huge melon? I mean that in an adorable way.

Life as a little person

You're not walking on your own yet, though you get better every day. You're not really "crawling" either, although you have figured out an odd sort of free-style carpet swimming to get across the floor. I've noticed that you get frustrated easily, just like me, and have a tendency to give up when you shouldn't worry so much about failing, just like me. I really hope you don't inherit my nose too.

Your cheeks are still infinitely pinch-able and but I hate the comments. "Storing nuts for winter!" Yes, haha shut up. Look at my hat!

Pompoms make the world happy

Your hair is getting longer but thank goodness we don't have to worry about hair brushing tangle battles yet. When I try to comb your hair you get very excited, grab it from my hand and try to do it yourself. You comb my hair too, and if you are feeling generous, the carpet as well.

You love your Dada more than anything and get so excited when he walks in the room. You whisper "da da da da da da" under your breath when I walk you around the house. It's your favorite word.



When the chips are down, though, you want Mama.

Holly and Mommy

You used to eat anything and everything that I put in front of you, but lately you've gotten a lot pickier. You have quite the sweet tooth, just like me. A total fruitosaur with a penchant for yogurt. I was really hoping you'd go full-on-face-cake-smashing for your birthday, but instead you politely nibbled your piece.

Getting the hang of birthday cake

Everyone comments how easy going you are, so unfussy for a baby. How lucky we are. We are incredibly lucky! We love you so much bootsa-do.

Our beautiful little lady


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