Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ride 'em Cowboy

I have so many stories I want to share on this scrappy little blog, but in a way it's like trying to rekindle a relationship with an old friend.  You'd really love to call them up and say hello, but you know that it's going to be a loooong conversation because you haven't spoken in forever.  So you put it off, waiting for the evening when you can fully commit yourself to deep session of Friendship Rekindling.  But for various reasons (30 Rock reruns, facebook trolling) you run out of time and you put it off.  Again and again.  And then it becomes that "thing" that haunts and daunts you, when all you really wish you could do is pop in for a quick chat and then go on your merry way again.  That's how I feel about blog updates. I just want to say hey, and instead I feel pressured to write a witty dissertation on life and family. I've seen this panic in the writings of others, however, and after going bleary eyed from fine print I've come to the following realizations: people mostly just want to see pictures.  With some cute captions. So, as I do every 6 weeks or so, here's my attempt to rekindle our friendship without making a big deal out of it.

National Western Stock Show!  Have you been?  I never had, and like a lot of local events I've never been to, having a kid is a perfect excuse to go check them out. 

Denver.  We're literally a cow town.

 First stop on the list was the petting zoo. The attendant turned in alarm when Holly screamed at the top of her lungs, but I assured him that she hadn't been bit, it was her "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it" sound.

 This was hands down THE cleanest petting zoo I've even encountered.  The animals were freshly laundered and any stray poop was deftly whisked away by shiny faced 4H members.

Llama llama big as mama

I'm one hot donkey

After the petting zoo we moved on to the arena where pretty young heifers were being paraded around and judged by old men. Best part: telling Holly, "Did you hear that?  That's what the cow says!"

I pretend like I don't care but I so totally do.

It's like a dog show...but with cows.

 We left the arena and then explored the sheep and cattle holding areas.  Staging areas?  I don't know what it's called, but I tell you it was like toddlers in tiaras.  I've never seen so many people lovingly scrubbing down their cows and then fawning over soft cow fur with blow dryers and brushes until they are just the cuddliest, cleanest little bovine this side of Oklahoma.


My favorite!

The kiddos definitely started to tire out after a couple hours of walking around even though we never got to see the good stuff like mutton busting or mexican rodeo. That's just the carrot to get us in the door for next year.  I can't wait!


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