Monday, July 12, 2010

Out and About

I think I'm getting the hang of this baby-thing. I went from changing exactly ONE diaper in my life to something like 10 every single day and I've realized it ain't no thang. I can pick Holly up without feeling like I'm going to snap her wobbly little neck. I can look into her eyes when she starts to go into fuss-overload and she will (usually) stop crying and just stare at my face. It melts my heart and makes me love this little chunk-a-monk so much.

Morning Snuggles

I've been following some simple but great advice from our friend Laura which is this: Leave the house every day. Even if that means just getting the mail. With Steve being off on paternity leave for the last 2 weeks, we've tried to take advantage of this time together as a family to have some mini-adventures. The first major outing was to Target and the post office where we lauded ourselves for getting out of the house under 10 min and figuring out how to prop the carseat in a grocery cart...kinda. Important safety tip: Did you know that once you have a kid you can't just leave your cart at the end of an aisle and wander off to the other side of the store to grab something? It's true.

Feeling pretty pleased with ourselves after The Errand Experiment, the next day the Ferg Fam went to my work to enjoy a little picnic lunch in the grass with some co-workers. It was great to see everyone and show off our baby girl. I'm going to try to come back and visit during the summer when I can. After lunch Steve, Holly and I drove up to Lair O' the Bear Park for a little "hike" along Bear Creek. It was a beautiful, cool summer day and the wildflowers were out in force. We have to keep reminding ourselves how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area.

Our first family "hike"

Hiking along Bear Creek

On Friday we loaded Holly in her stroller and took a walk along the Cherry Creek path. Did I mention that she didn't wake up for 4th of July fireworks? Well apparently she doesn't wake up for coal trains either.

But the best part of the outing was baby's first trip to REI!!!! (Also first public breastfeeding experience...I gotta work on making sure that nursing cover is well in place before waving the girls around). We contemplated the purchase of a new tent for our growing family, and of course got Holly an early start on the climbing wall.

Outside the Best. Store. EVER.

Mama teaches Holly a figure-8 knot

The glorious outing was topped off with lunch at Proto's, an awesome pizzeria; yes my friends, we're living the good life.

Lunch at Protos

Saturday was a family trip to Wash Park, one of the local Denver gems. It's funny how now I'm one of those people I used to be annoyed by while riding my bike, for walking slowly with a stroller. Ah, suck on it bikers. It was a pretty warm day but the fam enjoyed a lovely little picnic in the shade. Holly too; I'm getting the hang of the nursing cover.

Family Outing to Wash Park

Our limp little monkey

Sunday we head to the local farmers market because isn't that what you're supposed to do on the weekends once you pop out a kid? Unfortunately as with so many Colorado "farmers markets" it was really more of a craft fair, but I did manage to score a bag of OMG YUUUUUM apricots. Steve left with a prize loaf of ciabatta and was equally sated. It does make me wistful for the markets in California, though. I'm sorry I squandered your amazingness, Santa Monica! Maybe next weekend we'll head up to Boulder for a taste of the good stuff.

Until then -- stay classy, San Diego:

Got something for you, Daddy


At 8:36 AM, Blogger The Icklers said...

Love it all! That little monkey is getting cuter by the day. The first and last pics are to die for!

I love that pizza joint, seriously yummy. I too miss the SM farmer's market, not to mention all of the ethnic specialty markets -- we could find anything there!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Christine said...

She's so sweet!! It looks like her personality is already developing. She looks more alert and less blob-like from before. I love that first picture.

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Denita said...

Wow, I think you are putting the rest of us mommas to shame with your daily outings! I don't think I left the house the first 3 months my babies were born! (Of course you put us to shame before you had her with your adventure-ness!) Especially bravo on the nursing in public thing! That is no easy task, although it does get easier the older she gets and the more babes you have. She is bee-u-tiful!!


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