Friday, December 23, 2005

Fergs Down Under!

Although I'm sure this move was ultimately unnecessary, superfluous some might say, I've decided to setup a new blog entirely dedicated to our upcoming trip to Australia and New Zealand. I wanted to make something for Steve and me to use together, and to give it a name that would be more memorable than ladotyk, which is an utter mystery to everyone but me. So with that, laddies and lassies, I give you:

* Fergs Down Under: Memoirs of a Fergason *

I've even added a link on the sidebar to facilitate work-related procrastination. So check it out! Enjoy! And please write to me to let me know the goings of the real-world (be that MTV or NPR, I leave the choice to you)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Walk About in Middle Earth

As nearly every one of you know now, Steve and I are taking 7 months to travel the wilds of New Zealand and Australia before settling down in the great square state of Colorado. We aren't going to go totally bare-bones backpacker style where we sleep in dirt and live off ramen until we loose our teeth from scurvy; we do, however, want to find a fair balance between roughing it and enjoying ourselves. Some people have wondered just what I will be bringing on my trip down under, so here is a breakdown of my pack contents. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions:

Hiking boots
Fleece jacket
Rain pants
Rain jacket
Long underwear
Wool Hat
Short sleeve shirts (3)
Long sleeve shirts (2)
Shorts (2)
Pants (1)

Camp Gear
Sleeping bag
Pack rain cover
Travel towel
Camp stove
Water filter

Head lamp
Mosquito net
Guide book
Reading book
Battery charger
First Aid Kit

And of courseā€¦

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Addison Lane

Congratulations to Brian and Kara, proud parents of little Addison Lane Ickler! She's 4 lb, 5 oz, and 16" from tip to tail. In what is surely a taste of teenage rebellion to come, Addison decided that she couldn't wait until Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen came back from their trip down under so she popped out of the oven seven weeks early. She tried to shimmy out backward, cord first, but the nice doctors thought that wasn't such a good idea and took her out by means of emergency C-section. I went to visit mom and baby in the hospital today at lunch. Kara and I scrubbed up and then went into the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) to say hello. Addison is pinkish yellow with blonde hair, a pink cap and the littlest fingernails I've ever seen. She squeaks and wriggles and makes adorable sneers. And if you're lucky, she'll flutter her eyes open for a second and flash you her baby blues. Welcome to the world little girl! I can't wait to watch you grow up!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Yes yes, I know, it's December 13th but better late than never. Here are some photos from my Halloween party! The theme was "Things from Childhood" and everyone came up with some fantastic costumes.

Kara and Brian came as Country Club Ken and Barbie, with little Bean along for the ride. Poor kid doesn't know what she's getting into!
Country Club Barbie (Kara and Bean)

I hate when that happens.
I hate when that happens

Here's my Rainbow Brite costume that I slaved over for many days (and many glue sticks). I think I had the best moon boots at the party!
Rainbow Brite!

Nick resurrected a classic with his Karate Kid costume.
Karate Kid

Ken and Barbie share the couch with everyone's favorite Garbage Pail Kid...Cleavin' Stephen!

I don't think anyone saw this coming.
She's got the same dress as me!

Jeff had the creepiest costume by far. Too bad I can't remember the name of the obscure comic book character. Oh well, just stay tuned for the upcoming movie from Sony Pictures!

And nothing like a little Grandpa's Game to polish off an outstanding evening.
Post-party grandpa's game

Friday, December 02, 2005

Vote Dole for Pineapple!

Today I put a banana sticker on Russell's computer and he questioned the significance of the four numbers. I realized that fruit sticker codes are mysterious to many people, so I will use this forum to enlighten you.

All fruits have a number code on a sticker. These codes are unique to the type of fruit, regardless of the grower, and are what the cashiers type into the register when ringing up your purchase. There are three different type of codes for conventionally grown, organically grown, and genetically engineered fruits. Conventionally grown fruits have the standard four digit code, whereas organically grown fruits have the same code with a '9' prefix. Genetically engineered fruits have a '8' prefix. For example, here are the codes for bananas:

4011 - Conventionally grown banana
94011 - Organically grown banana
84011 - Genetically engineered banana

If you are truly curious (Russell) then go to this website to see the complete list of fruit/veggie codes.